torsdag den 7. marts 2013

Claw Set

I have bought a new ring:
It is kind of a replacement for another ring I've lost, this:

When we visited Wismar, I forgot my diamond ring, very strange. I don't have many diamond rings and of course I take good care of them, and the strange thing is that I have never forgotten anything at our holidays - not even a bobby pin. But it has been gone since we came home. The saphire ring was special to me since it was not very serious, it didn't look like a classic diamond ring, like petty-bourgeois claw set Princess rings or boring eternity rings. Both are not my taste.

I tried to find one like the flower ring I lost without any luck, and then decided that it would never be any good, since it would only remind me of the ring I've lost. I had got some money from my dad and decided that dad could give me a new ring. Several years ago I had wanted a ring with a raw gem, since I have read a lot of gemmology. I started googling and found the claw ring above, which matched my wish perfectly. It is designed by Bjørk, a Norwegian jewellery designer, who designs some really amazing jools.

So I think I have to change my mind about claw-settings. ;)

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful ring, dear Sanne. I can just imagine the stomach churning feeling that must have ensued once you realized what had happen (once, many years ago, I had a gold necklace I was wearing slip off me somehow while out and about, and get lost...I searched for days, but never found it).

    The new ring that you bought to replace is seriously cool! It's not the kind of piece one encounters every day and that makes it all the more awesome!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Me too. I almost felt like crying, but I don't think you can cry over a diamond ring, that would be very selfish. The new ring is indeed very different and special, and even DH liked it.


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