torsdag den 21. marts 2013

Dad's Chevy

I think it is time for another car story, before we get too messed up in makeup and nail polish! ;)

I have previously told you the story about my mum's car, Frederik, and about the car she never got. But how about dad, what does he drive? Well, dad's everyday car is a Chevrolet Stepside from 1940:

There are only two of them in Denmark, so it is quite rare. Dad bought it as a half-finished project from a man who were going through divorce, so he had to sell some things. A lot of things had to be done. The previous owner had had it sandblasted, so it was lopsided, so dad had to straighten it up. What had been done was not done very good, so dad had to re-do it. It came with its original engine, a 4.2 litre, but it was too expensive feeding with gasoline, so dad put a Ferkins diesel engine in it instead. But the diesel engine could not drive the truck when dad had his homebuild RV on the truck body, so he later built a 4 litre Toyota Landcruiser engine in it instead. I think it is the original engine in this photo, but I am not a mechanic.

Dad has painted all his cars himself and is doing a great job, although he is very critical:
Don't ask me why he is painting half naked, it must have been a warm day. ;)

Dad has as usual changed some inappropriate things (in his opinion). A.o. he didn't think the rear-axle assembly was wide enough, so he has changed it to free cardan and built parts from a Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser into the original rear-axle assembly.

Here it is newly painted and ready to be assembled:

Dad drives it daily, he drives waste to the dumpsite and often with a trailer after it and he helps the neighbours driving their waste and garden waste in it too, so it is used a lot. Mum and dad drives on holidays in it, with the nice homebuilt RV on the truck body - but that's another story. One December dad drove Santa himself in a parade in their home town, then Santa stood on the truck body and waved at the crowd.

Here is DH dressed as an American framer from 1940 at one of our Conquer de Charme exhibitions at the Castle of Gavno:

My sister, who looks like a model, often borrows it and drives it to the dumpsite - can you imagine how they stare? :)

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