torsdag den 27. marts 2014

What I've Been Up to Lately

I sit down with the intention of blogging, and think about what have happened lately. Quite a lot, although I sometimes think my life is boring. We went on a prolonged weekend to Flensburg in Germany. We were intensive together and we went shopping. That is, DH shopped. ;) I'm not a big shopper, but I did buy three nail polishes, two pairs of shoes and some new clothes.

Here are two duo chrome polishes (my favourite type of nail polish) and a fantastisk dark green shimmer polish:
The dark green polish is my new favourite green, and believe me - I have many green polishes.

Orsay is a great and inexpensive German clothing brand, so when I saw one of their shops I had to go in and look around. I found this lovely blouse with heart-shaped holes in:

And a pair of socalled trekkings that reminds me much of skiing pants from the fifties:
I would have sworn that I would ever put on leggins again, but I can promise you that I will not wear them at work.

And the two pairs of shoes from Deichmann:
DH found the black and white pair of pumps, which are very fifties. A little later I found the black and white flats. I think it is funny I came home with two almost identical pairs without having planned to.

And we have worked on renovating son's old room, so I can get it as my creative room. Here is a little sneak peek:

My old record player in one of the windows:
I have borrowed the small round loud spearkers and the amplifier of son. But it is SO nice that it deserves its own blogpost.

I still knit, and I am pretty good, if I must say so:
A few years ago I challenged myself to learn to knit, and I am definately getting better. It is just a bonus that it also helps me to relax and unstress.

And I am the most embarrassing human being - DH has given me a work out machine from TV Shop:

We think it is fun to watch TV Shop in the weekend mornings, where we have time to sit and laugh of their silly ads. But DH thought this machine was really good, so he gave it to me. So now I just have to get started - this is how it is meant to be used:

You place your knees in the paddings below, hold the handgrips and pull yourself up. Very simple, but very effective. I almost fainted after the first 10, sigh. Better get started soonest.

And I've bought more vintage magazines:
Yep, 1956 is extended. And soon I will receive a lot from 1963, my own birth year. It will be fun to see what the ladies read about in the same year I was born.

In addition to that I've started working parttime, I have a day off on Wednesdays, and I LOVE it! And we are preparing DH's motorcycle and Tiny Honk for spring. I'm trying to find new leather seats, but it is not easy to find for a car that is nearly 50 years old. And we have sold and cleared my MIL's apartment, where I think I might show you some goodies from later on.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. You've been a busy lady for sure! I love your new shoes! They both channel such a great classic spectator pump (court shoe) vibe and are immensely stylish, in the best kind of timeless way. Lovely, lovely, lovely! :)

    Big hugs & tons of happy Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I also consider the shoes a great buy, since they are so timeless and I think I will love them for a long time. :)


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