torsdag den 12. juni 2014

Lots of New Jools ...

in my little Etsy shop. I have both sorted through my own jool collection again and I have inherited some things from my mother in law (MiL), so there are a lot of jools from the fifties and sixties. I've updated the shop with 59 new things, here are just a few of the news:
A fabulous rhinstone set from the fifties, that has belonged to my MiL, who was a dancer.

Rhinstone set from the eighties. The pendant can be clipped to either a pearl necklace or a chain.

 Lovely charm bracelet from Monet, from the early sixties.

Silver cufflinks, which my father in law inherited from his father in law.

Nice and inexpensive enamel ring.

I have also listed some real gold jools, a.o. this sixties mod pin.

A nice pair of confetti lucite earrings from the fifties.

A fun theme bracelet: the history of phones.

Sarah Coventry confetti lucite set, ear clips and ring.

And a pair of clear lucite shoes - from the eighties, size 37/6.5.

My prices are as always very affordable, so have a look: Sanne's Vintage Jools. :)

And I have my very first sponsor!!! :) The lovely, lovely lady who writes one of my favourite blogs Chronically Vintage, has opened an Etsy shop of the same name:
I urge you to grab a cup of tea, coffee or what you prefer and have a look at Chronically Vintage's Shop. Because that lady has really good taste and knows a thing or two about vintage style.

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