torsdag den 26. juni 2014

New Versus Old

I collect clear lucite shoes from the fifties. Yep, I am crazy. You can see my collection here.

I have wanted this pair from Miss L Fire for long:
They are made exactly like the old ones, but since they are new, they are not brittle and fragile, so I can in fact use them daily. But they were very expensive, about 180 dollars, which is a bit over my budget. But suddenly I was lucky to get a discount code to WhatKatieDid, a British site, so no customs and VAT trouble there. I hurried in and ordered, and the shoes are even more lovely in real life than in the photos.

Let's compare new versus old lucite:
One of my vintage pairs at the left and the brand new ones from Miss L Fire at the right.

The old ones yellow over the years and therefore the new ones are very clear compared to the old ones:

I really think Miss L Fire has done a great job. And I already look forward to packing them in my holiday suitcase, because now I only need to pack one pair of high heels since they literally match everything. :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Be still my vintage shoe loving heart, these are smashingly beautiful!!! I've been eyeing that same pair from MLF myself since the moment I heard they were released. They have such a charming, Cinderella-like quality to them that takes my breath away. I'm hoping that perhaps they'll go on sale at the MLF site at the end of the season and perhaps then I nab a pair. Time will tell! :)

    Thank you very much for brightening my blog with your wonderful bevy of comments this weekend, dear Sanne. It's always such a lovely, welcome pleasure to hear from you. You're welcome to come over and "investigate" my wardrobe anytime you happen to be in the Okanagan, my dear friend. I bet your would be a fabulous treat to behold in person as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I also had them on my wishlist for long, but they were always sold out in my size. I am SO happy that I finally got them, and at an affordable price. Oh, Jessica, you are such a sweetie. Lots of e-hugs coming your way. :)


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