torsdag den 18. september 2014

Jewellery Glasses

I've got new glasses. Three pairs with reading field. I've always thought that you were old if you needed reading fields and when your dentist bills were expensive. My dentist bills are fortunately still payable. Hmm. I fell completely in love with these beauties from Louis Nielsen, which is more like a jool than glasses:
Louis Nielsen

Look at these lovely side bars with rhinestones:
Louis Nielsen

I could not resist the white mother of pearl side bars, and they even had a rhinestone at the end:
Louis Nielsen
Perfect detail when I'm wearing an up-do.

There is even a rhinestone at the case:
Louis Nielsen

The second pair was these nice titanium glasses in a dark copper colour:
Louis Nielsen

They have a nice butterfly detail at the side bar:
Louis Nielsen

The third pair is exactly like a pair I have had for year, but that were worn out. I love them because I almost can not feel I'm wearing them. But how is it to wear glasses with reading field? Fantastic! I love it, and I am already saving to have the lenses in my other glasses changed.

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  1. LOVE the Nielsen glasses. I spent a day trying to find them here but no one carries them. They are the prettiest frames ever! Flaurella

    1. But dear, I can find out how much they are without prescription glasses and then I can send them to you. I'll gladly do that for you. :)


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