torsdag den 18. december 2014

The Christmas Gift for Myself

You should give yourself Christmas gifts, so you get what you really want! :) And when I give myself a Christmas gift it is usually something special, and that is exactly what it is this year - a custom made nail stamping plate with my own motifs from FigTreeJewellery:

Here is the picture she sent me for my approval. The rulers at the sides are smart, because you can scale your screen to actual size and check if the motifs fit your nails.

I thought for long what to have on my own plate. My car and my son of course, but since there were room for six motifs I had to come up with some more. I ended choosing my hero, Indiana Jones, and my childhood heroine, Modesty Blaise. Here is the finished plate with her tests:

If you want her to make photos to stamping motifs it costs about 8 dollars extra per photo, and it is definately worth it. Here is the photo of son three years old, I sent her:

And here is son 18 years old:

So my plate cost me about 40 dollars, and I think I will be back and order another one when I have figured out which motifs I miss.

4 kommentarer:

  1. How heartwarming sweet! I love that you made a custom nail plate with your son's image on it. What a fun way to show your love for him to the world.

    I agree, even if it's something small, one should always treat themselves to a holiday gift that they picked out entirely themselves. I like to do the same for my birthday as well.

    Thinking of you, dearest Sanne, as Christmas rapidly approaches, and wishing you a marvelously merry, fun filled, and relaxing holiday season!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I also give myself a birthday gift, but it is just kind of an excuse to buy something a little more expensive than I would normally have. ;) Merry Christmas, dear.

  2. Wow, that is FABULOUS! I'm heading straight on over to have a look!

    1. It really is and since I know you are a stamping addict too I had to share it. :) Merry Christmas, dear.


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