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ALT for Damerne, no. 5, 1954

I have for years scanned from ALT for Damerne (Everything for the Ladies) from 1955, but this year I have decided to scan from 1954. No particular reason other than for a change, although I don't think it will be that big. Yep, I am a rebel! :)

Let's start with number 5, which was the first magazine in February. All scans can be clicked into larger formats. Although it is a Danish magazine, I hope my foreign readers will have fun reading my small recaps and get inspiration from the photos.

Very nice cover, where you can get the pattern for the lovely sporty blouse:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5

In the binular you can read about this and that:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
This time there is a tip on serving hearts in a different way, good advice on fabric and knits, a clear purse for you purse, so that it doesn't get ruined in bad weather (not a bad idea at all), and advice on how to know the difference from fireproof glass (if it has a matte bottom it is meant for electrical hotplates).

Travel with housewives' league to Rome and the Riviera:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
It must have been every housewife's dream.

Glimpse of spring from Berlin:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
The geometrical dress at the right is fabulous.

And at the right there is a guidance on sewing a nice bed blouse without pattern:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
It is so nice that it can easily be used during the day, depending on the fabric you choose.

Patterns of the week are for those who are busy and chic:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5

This is an illustration for a novel called The Unrestful Heart:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
Fabulous dress. No wonder the main character is nervous about how beautiful the woman is.

Nice, homemade bast lamps are flattering in the living room:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5

So if you are looking for an old-fashioned lamp, you can make it yourself:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
Just look how nice it looks on the little drawing.

Dinner is server:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
I love how dinner was served back then. It takes so little effort to make it look nice.

On to the ads. Let's start with an ad for Sanderson cretonner:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
Lovely patterns in colours that says "NO" to fading.

Elegant suits in Hartz jersey all year long:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
And Cutex Spillpruf, whic we have seen before, but not this one. It contains enamelon, whatever that is.

Here I had a muddy complexion - it is of course past with Tokalon cream:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
At the orphanage the children's clothes are sewn and repaired on an Elna sewing machine.

An ouverture to future happiness:
ALT for Damerne, 1954, nr. 5
Back then it was high-class to say one came from a home with a piano.

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  1. Love!!! That first image instantly made me think of my ongoing hunt for a vintage snowsuit/ski suit. I so adore seeing old magazines like this (and collecting them, too). There was usually a degree of artistry and elegance, very much including in the ads, that is so lacking from most modern publications. Just look at that last page for example with the sweet little illustrated girl. When was the last time you saw a drawing like that in a fashion or lady's lifestyle magazine? Not that such things are the only hallmark of a good magazine of course, but they do certainly help make the whole reading experience all the more pleasurable.

    Thank you for sharing these Alt gems with us, dear Sanne. I always, always lap up these kinds of posts with the heartiest of gusto!

    Huge hugs & tons of happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Me too, I would love to own her outfit on the cover. And thank you dear, I'm glad some likes my scans. Have a lovely Sunday. :)


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