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Dad's Messerschmidt

It has been long since I last wrote a car story. Previously I've wrote about:

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One of dad's strangest vehicles is his Messerschmidt, which is a three wheeler previously owned by the movie company Nordisk Film, used in the TV-series Øbberbøv . Here he is renovating it:

And here are the keys with a tag saying Øv &Bøv:
When dad bought it, it had no papers, so he got permission to register without. He is only the third in Denmark to do that.

The Messerschmidt is a little thing measuring only about 200 cm (6 feet) and only has 13 hp. Cockpits from F262 fighters excess from WWII are used, hence the name.
He is very charming.

Dad found it on (Danish eBay). The man who sold it, had bought it from Nordisk Film, but thought it was to bad to renovate. Dad took it all apart and painted it. He went to Germany to buy spareparts and also had some things sent from UK. He has always wanted a Messerschmidt Tiger, and think that he some day might be able to trade this one for a Tiger:
The Tiger model is a four wheeler and has a larger engine.

Here is the happy owner:

Here it is open:
It has room for two persons, sitting in a row, not beside each other. When my sister's twins are celebrating their birthday it is a big hit when grandpa drives all the kids in it.

The exhaustion looks like a watering can:
All the insides were gone, so dad has made some new.

It doesn't have a reverse gear, but it has two sets of platins for each cylinder, so when you need to back you press the key in, start the engine again and this way you turn the rotation of the engine and get a reverse gear. So in fact it has four reverse gears.

The nice front emblem:

The famous Danish actors Dirch Passer and Judy Gringer has also driven it in the movie Peter's Baby, so it is a little celebrity which has always lived in Denmark. Now it is enjoying its retirement at dad, and I don't think any vehicle can wish for a better retirement.

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  1. Aww, now that really has to be one of the cutest cards ever produced anywhere in the world. It's so fun, cheerful and handy (size wise, I mean). What an awesome job your father did on it!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, it is an ugly little charmer. Very strange little car, which you cannot help smiling at. :)


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