torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Konad Art

Konad-what, you ask.

I didn't know anything about this a year ago, but it is really smart, so I want to share it with you. It is nail-stamping. It is super-easy, takes no time and looks fantastic.

You will need: a stamper (I choose the double and it is really good), a scraber and a holder for the plates is also a great investment, then you don't scrabe polish onto your table.
And of course plates with motifs, they look like this:
You can buy Konad plates many places, e.g. at eBay and Amazon. I bought mine at KonadDenmark, since I'm not interested in paying tax and VAT. The plates are a really good investment, since they never wear out. I have about 20 different plates now, since I was lucky to buy 9 used some weeks ago.

Here are some examples - the first is a design I made on my niece's nails. She wanted diamonds and stars:
She got it and I also added some rhinestones.

These are my own nails. I won the grey polish at, it is from Opi and is named "Skull and Glossbones" (I love that name). It is a dull grey, but it is a really good base for stamping, so I think I will use it a lot. Here I have made red kisses, which have got a lot of attention everywhere:

It is super-easy: you put a little polish over the motif (and you don't have to invest in Konad's special polishes), scrabe the motif with the scraber, now you lift the motif with the stamper and stamp it onto your nails - voila, fabulous nails. And it takes about five minutes to decorate all ten nails.

Here is Konad's own tutorial:

Have fun - I know what my future pin money will be invested in.

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