torsdag den 23. juni 2011

MC Tour to the Isle of Bornholm

How was our trip to the Isle of Bornholm , you ask?

Well, it was great - right until DH drove over a kerb and cracked the engine - ouch!

We had rented a lovely little apartment with my BIL and SIL, which had the most beautiful view:
We had perfect sunshine to drive around in, so we saw a lot of things. Here I am with a perfect commercial for a smokehouse - a vintage Fiat 500:
It is so sweet. Note my extremely non-fitting mc-jeans. Is there someone out there who could design some well-fitting mc-jeans for women, please?!

While everything was still good - DH in front of the Church of Osterlars:
I love the round churches, they are really amazing and very different churches.

We also visited Bornholms Tekniske Samling, which is a fantastic museum. Among a lot of other things 6,200 cups were exhibited. A lady had collected them and she held the world record already at 1,500 cups. Here is a few of them:
Well, on the third day we wanted to take some photos of the Ruins of Hammershus, because of the lovely light - we should never have done that. Because it was at the Port of Hammer, DH drove over a small kerb and cracked the engine so the oil literally sprayed out:
Now what!?! He had never taken the time to put some road aid/help subscription on it. Fortunately, he had a very nice colleague at the Isle of Bornholm. He lend a car with a tow-bar, lend a big trailer and ramps somewhere else. But we spend all day at the small port. While we sat there waiting, all the youngsters of Bornholm came driving in cars and parked at the port. The drank, danced and listened to loud musik. There were several police men keeping an eye on them and taking alcohol tests on the drivers, so everything was under control. Here a few of the police men helped pushing the Rat on to the trailer:
And this is how it looks when you push a dead mc as the very first onto the ferry, sigh:
Sorry about the blurry photo, I ran after him, but I had to portray the situation. :)

In Sweden dear daddy was waiting with his old truck (a Chevy Stepside from 1940), which drove us all the way home:

So now I think DH owes me a new vacation!

PS: Tuesday, the Rat was repaired and is almost as good as new, so now DH can sleep at night again. ;)

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