torsdag den 20. oktober 2011

Baking Recipes

I love to bake, but I don’t do it very often. Either I haven’t time, nor energy or both at the same time. Usually we also agree that it is not good for us, since we always have to drop a few kilos, sigh. But although I decorated for Halloween last Sunday, I already look so much forward to Christmas. In December it is legal to decorate all over the house, eat lovely dinners and surround you with family and good friends – but it is also BAKING TIME! And I have just invested approx. 3 dollars in this great recipe book (unfortunately only in Danish):
Yes, only 3 dollars, for a nice hardback book, filled with lovely photos and classic as well as new recipes. And what can you get for 3 dollars – almost nothing. Here are some references:
I have the complete series of baking books, it was a colleague who recommended them to me and gave me my first. What I especially like is the concept “one dough – 7 cookies” or “one dough – 3 breads, buns and Danish”, you get the picture. Genius!

I know it’s not fair recommending a Danish baking book, and I do hope you have something like it abroad.

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