torsdag den 6. oktober 2011

The Lunch Pack That Grew!

Son has got an apprenticeship – life is wonderful! He is not the academic type, but he doesn’t have technical flair like his father either. He has now got an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener and he LOVES it! At the beginning he didn’t bring any lunch with him, like when he went to school. He has always hated making a lunch pack. Well, being a landscape gardener is hard physical work, so not before long son realized it was a good idea to bring some lunch with him. And the lunch pack grew and grew and grew:
A happy mouse and his lunch pack

What’s in the bag, you ask:
  • 5-6 sandwiches made of coarse bread
  • approx. a pound of carrots
  • two bananas
  • a handful of snack peppers
  • 1 can of tuna
  • 1 corn-bar (healthy candy for desert)
  • 2 mini juice cartons (those that comes with a straw)
And he eats it all – plus breakfast and a tremendous plateful of dinner. Perhaps it is time to make him pay for his keep!? :)

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