torsdag den 19. januar 2012

I'm a Systematist

I suffer from order lunacy, I admit it, I don't thrive in mess. I have been tidying up as long as I remember and I love to systematize everything. My books are organized alphabetically, my music is ordered in genres, I have an Excel sheet with all my movies (and ought to make one alike for my music), my shoes, stockings, lipsticks and nail polishes are organized in colours. The last in my lovely new drawer.

And to enhance the nail polish system further, I have bought nail palettes from I started with three palettes (x24 colours), they were quickly used, so now I have just bought three more palettes and look forward to having fun painting all my newly bought colours on the test nails to get super-system in my collection.
Here you see all my different nail polish colours so far:
From top left are all the glitter polishes, in the middle are the black/grey/white polishes, and at the right are the effect polishes, that is crack polishes, magnetical polishes and a single glow-in-the-dark polish. More magnetical polishes are on the way. ;)

Below are a palette with red an purple colours, then all the pinks and at the right are the blue and green tones.

It is both practical and very inspiring to sit and look through all the palettes, so I sincerely recommend it.

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  1. Wow. I would do this as some kind of art project and hang the swatches up in my bathroom or something... Such a great idea, and very organized of you. :)

  2. -> StephC, great idea, displaying it. Why haven't I thought of that before.

    And a warm welcome to my blog. :)


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