torsdag den 12. januar 2012

Winter Decoration

I love to decorate for Christmas, in fact I call it to go Christmas Crazy. But a few days after Christmas I am as eager to pack it all away as I was to put it all up. Then it is welcome back to simplicity. BUT! I always think it is so empty, dark and dull after Christmas, so I have invented the Winter decorations! I have gathered some ice and snowflake related things. I love snowflakes and think they are one of mother nature’s most beautiful wonders, so why not decorate with them. I have snowflakes in most of my living room windows:

A snowflake candleholder on our TV shelf:

Lumps of ice on the living room table:

Snowmen in the window:

Troll hazel sprigs with crystals to catch the light:

And a huge lantern in the bay:

It is all about light. When the Christmas tree is gone it all becomes so dark, and the it is nice to add some extra light and cosiness, because Spring is SO far away. Meanwhile I will also decorate myself with snowflakes, here are my latest treasures from Etsy:

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