torsdag den 3. maj 2012

World's Easiest Mani

I call it a "reverse manicure", super easy and very simple, but it always gets noticed everywhere:Son did a great job taking the photo so my hands didn't look "wrinkled like and eighty year old!". Thanks sonny. The angle is a bit weird. To the mani you need two reverse colours that matches and then paint the four fingers of each hand in each colour and reverse the thumb nails.

Here are som exaples of "reverse" colours I've used:Nails Inc that looks like minced pork (ough!) and Essie's wonderful Navigate Her. Nails Inc is only bought to decorate on the top of my nail polish drawer where I have a small collection of nice and funny polish bottles:This Essie combination was used much last summer:Lovie Dovie and Lapis of Luxury.
These two are bought via a nail blogger in Australia and they are so great together:
You can also decorate further with e.g. dots or French glitter edges.

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