torsdag den 28. juni 2012

ALT for Damerne, July 1952

I have scanned from my charming ALT for Damerne (ALL for the Ladies) from July1952:

Remember to click the photos to get a larger size. I have made the photos quite large, so you should be able to see the details.

New times - New tones. A teacher is shocked over the modern monkey music (jazz) that is introduced in the kindergartens:

In the holiday paradise. Summer fashion from 1952. If I had thighs like this I would wear the shorts:

More summer fashion. The dresses are very nice and there is a pattern for making a sun hat, perhaps I one day make one for myself, it looks quite easy.

Every week there is a a page called "In the binoculars", where the readers send their good ideas to share with other readers. I think a little girl would still be happy to have her own "beauty-corner" like this today:

There is a pattern for a knitted dress for the early autumn:

Here is the pattern (in Danish):

Ideas to arrange a small room for two boys, very smart:

You can make the accessory set from the cover yourself:
The text says you can buy a "glove-template" at your leather specialist, but I think you can buy a glove pattern at a fabric shop.

Let's continue to the adds, which I love. The adds back then were so charming. Nivea is an evergreen:

Elida shampoo in a  tube, can wash the sand out of your hair:

White shoes in the summer is a must, use Peewit:

PILEX - the new hair remover, so we can show skin at the beach:

ODO-RO-NO - no odour in the summer heat:

Sommer Creme - with SPF, a brand new american invention:

Breining hand cream, with a lovely scent:

Macs with peroxide (!), makes yellow teeth white:

Chanel add from the last back, super elegant:

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