torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Nun Nails

I rarely make a french manicure. I love it on others, but on my own nails I think it is dull. If I make it once in a while, I always make it with contrasting colours, like this: Well, a few weeks ago I felt like making a classic french manicure. I had invested in Essie’s ”Cherry Pop”, a clear red polish, which I thought would work great for this mani. It didn’t! Because it was just clear, no colour at all, ough! So I had to find another pink polish in my polish drawer, an almost vintage pale pink polish from Nivea. It is perfect for the look, since it almost covers the nails in one stroke:
Since it is such a dull look I simply had to add a rhinestone to the ringfinger nail, so I didn’t look like a nun! ;)

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