torsdag den 12. april 2012

US Nail Polish

I went to the US with high expectations about shopping a LOT of nail polishes, because I had heard a about polishes for only one dollar and about the most amazing colours. I was quite disappointed, but I bought a few bottles:
Note that I have bought a red polish! I think it matches my car.

I have made a rule about not buying polishes that look like something I already own, it has to be unique. I’m pretty good at keeping this promise. I stood and sighed over Sally Hansen’s “Gem Collection”, but they are almost alike OPI’s “Muppet Collection”, so besides the charcoal grey glitter polish, I didn’t buy any. Gooood girl!

In the Sawgrass Mills outlet center was a Konad booth! It was great to be able to take down the plates from the holders, see them in real instead of just choosing on the internet. I “only” bought five plates and two special polishes:
And since my nails were already stamped I got a great discount.

And Carli had a polish-sale on her blog, so four bottles ended in the “basket”:
The small holo-topcoat and the plate is a gift.

Now I cannot even convince myself that I need more glitter polishes.

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