torsdag den 19. april 2012

Forgotten Jools

I have a few jools which I don’t think anybody knows what are used for. And it is a pity because I think they are really practical. Do you know what these are used for:
No? The first one is a “glove-holder”, and then you might think “what on earth am I going to use a glove-holder for?”. You fasten it to the handle of your purse with the chain and then the clips (the jool) can be opened to hold your gloves, so you don’t loose or forget them. But you can also use it to fasten other things, for example if you carry a pashmina shawl with you, in case of cool nights or exaggerated use of AC.

The other jool is a “sweater clips” and I simply don’t understand why these are not made any longer, because they are such a brilliant idea! I have a small collection of nice sweater clips, because they are so practical when you wear a cardigan or a shawl over your shoulders and are tired of it falling down.

With a little luck both can be found on eBay or Etsy.

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