torsdag den 5. april 2012

Easter Fun

My sister and I are very lucky to have summer cottages right beside each other, so we visit each other all day long. I am drinking latte at my sister's house and ask my little niece, she's six, if she has sent any Easter letters (in Denmark we send cut-out Easter letters often with a snowdrop, the receiver being asked to guess who the sender is, and if not, the receiver owes the sender an Easter egg). I quickly adds that she must not say to whom. She nods and smiles. "Have they guessed them?" I ask. And she turns and asks: "No, you haven't guessed it yet, mummi?". My sister is shaking her head very energic and her mouth is very tight, so she doesn't laugh out loud. :)

I've made Easter nails, I tried to make a freehand daffodil:
Not that easy and in fact the right one is better (although I'm right handed), since I suppose I had figured out how fast the polish dries. The green polish is the brand new "Navigate Her" from Essie's spring collection, and it is the most perfect dusty pale green colour ever. If just Mrs. Essie would make the polish less thin and the brush bigger, then it would be fabulous.

Happy Easter to all of you.

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