torsdag den 26. april 2012


What is luxury? To me it is time and silence, both are things I don't have much, and I truly enjoy having time for my projects or to just sit and read a good book. Last summer I almost bought another vintage car, but DH became seriously mad at me. Well, I have always wanted a library with a vintage armchair, a footstool, a nice vintage floor lamp, and a small table with space for a cup of tea and a book. So Princess sour as I was, I demanded an armchair. DH is not as much in love with vintage things as I am, so I ended up with an Ikea solution and it is also very nice:
And the footstool matches the chair, you say. I'm so glad you noticed. :) I ordered fabric like the chair and have sewn the upholstery myself with skirt and shanks and everything. I am very proud of myself. I also managed to make a pillow case and applications for a blanket out of the fabric:So now it is officially the new favourite spot of the house, approved by DH and my very choosy teenage boy with an unsual demanding taste.

What I read? A Marilyn book of course: MM Personal.

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