torsdag den 15. marts 2012

Winter and US Nails

A week before I went to the US it snowed in Denmark, so I made these snowflake nails:
The dark blue is bought on a market in Italy in 1985, and it is still going strong. I think Essie’s “Aruba Blue” is much like it. And I’ve invested in both a black and a white special polish from Konad and they are really good.

Right before I went to the US I had to make US themed nails:
I had a plate with “Stars and Stribes” related things, so now I finally had an opportunity to use it. The polish is “Fashion Addict” from Color Club, a lovely rosy-purple holo-polish, which I thought would look great in the sunshine over there. My Konad decorated nails resulted in a great discount at the Konad shop in the Sawgrass Mills outlet – but more about that later. :)

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