torsdag den 1. marts 2012

My Favourite Cars

If money and space and sour husbands wasn’t a problem, I would invest in these beauties:

A hand built Morgan from the fifties:
And I could settle for the 4/4, although the V8-sound is the best. It should be Racing Green, have leather seats and a leather belt over the bonnet, a leather suitcase at the back and perhaps also a large black man’s umbrella:
But it always cost more than 100,000 dollars, sigh.

This one is within reach:
And such a tiny little Fiat 500 is easy to store. In fact you can get it with a shoulder strap so you don’t have to park it, you just take it over your shoulder. Last spring I almost bought one, but then Dear Husband (DH) turned into Sour Husband – wow, it was a tough job making him happy again. But he promised me to take care of my Opel GT till I parted with it some day, so that’s great.

A shiny, black gangster car should also be part of my collection:
It is SO elegant, and it would also become me when I’m old.

And my heart still beats for Little Nolte:
Although he is a rusty pot, he should be part of my collection. So tiny and sweet and charming. Our Little Nolte is dead many years ago, I’m sure.

What is your favourite car?

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