torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Meeting My Penpal

Is it still called ”penpal” nowadays, although you write e-mails?

Well, for 12 years I’ve written with Laurel, who sells vintage jewellery. It all started with that I found her web shop and bought a jool from her. When son was six years old and rode his bicycle to school, I became very “mum-sorry”, because I thought my little boy rode out of my life. I needed a little “cheering up” and bought myself a jool (the cure for everything) at Laurel’s shop and wrote a few lines about being sorry. And now we have been writing together for TWELVE years! And a few weeks ago I finally met her in person. Here we are sitting in the sofa:

And here we are chatting at the balcony:
She was just as sweet, wonderful, charming and easy to talk with as I imagined. We talked and talked and talked until late in the evening and I wouldn’t leave. Especially not because I had this terrible feeling that perhaps we might never see each other again – I certainly hope we do! Here we are walking at the beach and waiting for the rocket to go off:

And I got gifts – the most beautiful, vintage green jools:

Thank you for being such a lovely person and dear friend! :)

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