torsdag den 29. marts 2012


HELP – I’m on Pinterest and I’m having a hard time getting off! It is the most cosy waste of time I’ve ever seen. I LOVE it! If I’m not careful, I can sit for hours browsing others’ pins and repin them onto my own boards. I had considered making an account for about a year, but I am really considering what I register for. These days you can register for almost anything and it is not everything that is fantastic. But Pinterest is! So click the logo at the right, if you would like to follow my boards – and let me know if you would like an invitation.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I hear you 100%! I finally took the plunge and joined Pinterest last August. To say I've been hooked ever since would be a major understatement! :) Luckily however, I find that it's not the kind of online activity that I feel is a time sink. I love using Pinterst as a way to store and catalog the abundance of images and ideas that inspire my online and offline worlds, so I think that (at least in moderation ;D), Pinterest is a very good thing.

    Hugs from Canada,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. -> Jessica, You're so absolutely right, that's just what I think too. I use it as a break on my job, and find it relaxing and creative at the same time. Welcome to my blog, and have a lovely weekend. :)


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