torsdag den 14. juni 2012

Vintage Car Meeting at Graested, 2012

We went with my parents to the City of Graested, and it was super cosy. This time I have taken more lyrical photos than car photos, since it is more or less the same vehicles every year. Son and his girlfriend joined us of their own free will. She had never tried this before, but he convinced her, since he is so crazy about it. Here is DH, mum, son and a bit of his girlfriend's dress:

Dad needs a cup of coffee:
And mum is not too old to act as a pinup:
The huge coffeepot was outside the coffee tent, we made our own coffee in dad's lovely camper.

Dad is chatting with the smith:
There was a sparepart market, but there is hardly ever parts for my car. A few special bulbs were put in stock:
Mum served a fabulous lunch:
There was everything a hungry heart could wish for on the table.

You could reserve time on the nap-list:
Son and his girlfriend are overturned.

"Traeftanic" served beer, but the iceberg in the front was almost melted:
In the military camp you could play cola-checkers:

And here is Tiny Honk in the line:

I think the area was a bit more messy this year compared to last year. It was not divided into e.g. US and European cars. And there was no "war", the military vehicles just drove around. But there were some news: a drive in cinema and tractor-pulling with old tractors and steam-machines. And the flea market was much bigger this year. I bought a lot of vinyl records: three LPs with vintage jukebox hits, two Bob Marley LPs for son, and three double LPs with mixed hits from the fifties, which I saw and didn't buy at first and of course regretted later. Early in the evening I went alone and thought that I would never find the sales pitch again and if I did, the records were for sure sold. I found the sales pitch and the records were still there, so I simply HAD to buy them. Because what are the odds!?

And I bought five fantastic vintage magazines, which I will scan for you later. Unfortunately, they are in Danish, but I think you will enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Looks like a fun adventure. Will email over the weekend. FLA


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