torsdag den 10. januar 2013

Christmas at Wismar

The second weekend in December DH invited me to a trip to Wismar in Germany. I love Germany at Christmas, because they really know how to celebrate Christmas. So a short holiday from our daily life and an overdose of Christmas is just what I needed. Wismar is a lovely little city, which we visited in my vintage Opel GT a summer a few years ago. And it is also lovely in December. Here are some photos from our trip.

Have you ever seen TWO white brides in front of the city hall? I hadn't and I thought they were so beautiful that I took their picture. They had tiny bridesmaids and both had incorporated something red on their dresses to celebrate Christmas:

A window with lots of Christmas:

Beautiful view from the harbour, it almost looks like a painting:

A very nice and very different downpipe:

A young accordion orchestra played Christmas music in a little shopping center near our hotel:

And the weather was in a Christmas mood too, I LOVE snow:

I shopped a little although my shopping gene has faded a bit. Here is a pair of wonderful shoes with grey "diamonds" all over and clutches of icicles at the toe and on top of the heel:
They cost a fortune of 16 dollars, because only size 6 was left, my luck. I will wear them on both Christmas and New Years Eve.

I also bought two pairs of boots. I'm not that fond of boots, but the short pair cost about 34 dollars and later I found the long ones in a second hand shop - brand new - and at 13 dollars. I could not afford letting them go:

When I woke up Sunday morning, this fellow greeted me with two nail polishes. He was my advent gift from DH:

And I bought these polishes:
The pool blue glitter is very beautiful, the purple glitter is a crack polish, the red one is from Color Club named "Ruby Slippers", and the black one is from Essence about two dollars. Essence makes really good polishes, so I also bought four clear polishes which I use as topcoat.

And I got this early Christmas gift from DH, a beautiful snake watch:

I saw it at the hotel and I loved how consistent it is, even the hands are formed like snakes.

Now I will wish for a short spring holiday.

2 kommentarer:

  1. So many lovely things to see in this festive post! The two brides looked beautiful! I adore the idea of a red and white dress for a Christmas season wedding.

    That snake watch is so chic, eye-catching and awesome! What a wonderful present!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica - and tomorrow we're already going on a weekend trip again. :)


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