torsdag den 31. januar 2013

Visiting the King!

A few weeks ago I visited the King! Yep, Elvis, the King! As an old Elvis fan I have for years wanted to visit Graceland, the Elvis Museum in the City of Randers. It is the greastest Elvis collection housed in a copy of the real Graceland, Elvis' house. I got a hotel gift card from my company and then we simply had to go.

Here I am at the entrance, the gates are true copies of Elvis' own entrance to Graceland:

And here I stand with the King:
Elvis was 184 cm tall, so he is almost 20 cm taller than me. I didn't know he was that tall.

And here I am in front of the copy of Graceland, it is very well made:

The owner has collected the most incredible things. I am so impressed that a Danish man has so many items. Here is the master tape from a jam-session with Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis:
It's really crazy! You can read more about the session here.

The crown juvel in his collection is this white leather suit, that has cost him about 200,000 dollars:

One of his new acquisitions is Elvis' secret phone from The Jungle Room, camouflaged as a cigar box:

And he has both dolls from the movie G.I. Blues, where  Elvis sings Muss i Denn:

Elvis' jools and a very modern digital watch:

The most valuable record in the world, and no singing, it is a two minutes long interview:
As he writes "Good luck in your quest for one!".

I had to buy a souvenir with me and choose this little vinyl collection: Six singles Elvis published from Sun Records, which was his first record agency, and they are blue:

If you are in Denmark and are just a bit fascinated by Elvis, you have to visit Graceland - you also eat very well in the American restaurant.

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  1. That is so wonderfully cool! My grandma - a big fan of the king of rock and roll herself - instilled a love of Elvis in me before I was even tall enough to reach the record shelf, and I've enjoyed his wonderful music (and movies) ever since. Hopefully one day I can follow your lead and visit Graceland, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am also brought up with Elvis, my dad LOVES him and we always heard Elvis, but I love him myself too as an adoult. I would love to visit the real Graceland in the US.


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