torsdag den 11. april 2013

ALT for Damerne, April 1958

I have scanned another round of ALT for Damerne (ALL for the Ladies) from April 1958 for you. It was a thick magazine, so you'll only get the first half. Remember you can click the photos to enlarge. The text is unfortunately in Danish, but I think you might enjoy the photos.

Let's start with hat fashion. Hats had to be soft and bendable:

The one with the flower prints are really nice and I love her necklace with the great knot:

If you had problems dressing for your shape, here is some advice:

If you lived in the middle of a city I suppose the dream house must have been a farm house like this in the country:

But who wouldn't be "content" with a fantastic element kitchen like this:

I understand she looks so happy, because it is really nice.

And if you need inspiration for your knitting needles, I give you this mustard yellow and furry cardigan:
Because We have to have it - as the subject says.

Here is the pattern, if any of you understand Danish:

Beauty interests all ladies:

Because we can all get prettier - as the subject says:
Nice to know that there's hope!

Moving on to the commercials, which I love, and here is also advice for your beauty problems. Here it is Vitaline with the the glaring cosmetic formulas:

And finally a mascara add. These are rare and this one can remind us all how easy it is to apply mascara in our modern world:

There is always a lot of shampoo adds, because back in the fifties washing your hair was truly an excuse:
Elida takes care that he is proud of his wife - and I suppose that's what all wives wants?

The most beautiful hair in the world, is what Lustre-Creme Shampoo promises:
The bottle itself would make me buy the product. I wish they made them like this today.

While some hair should shine and make the husband proud, other hair should be removed a.s.a.p.:
Veet takes care of that in just three minutes.

And an add for something I don't think many modern women knows what is today:
Starch that smells fresh.Makes the clothes look like new and takes care the skirts look full as fashion dictated.

2 kommentarer:

  1. One of things that I love about vintage magazines that are chocked full of photos and illustrations is that said images often transcend language and completely speak for themselves. I can garner just as much inspiration from these wonderful Danish pages from the 1950s as I could from a similar English magazine of the era. Great fashion, art, etc is a wonderful language unto itself.

    Thank you very much for scanning and sharing more of this delightful magazine with us, dear Sanne.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad you say so, because that is what I hoped. I write a little explanation in English and then I hope my foreign readers will find it entertaining although the text is in Danish.


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