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My Fifties StyleI

A few of my readers have asked about my fifties style - if I always wear fifties style clothes and how I find it. And yes, I almost always wear clothes either from the fifties or inspired by the era, and it is not difficult. Even H&M has some things matching the style. I love circle and pencil skirts, nice blouses, cardigans (I have about 20,000!), dresses with tight top and circle skirt - and with a petticoat underneath. I love colours: red, pink, plum purple, and green are found in my wardrobe. I never wear black, I only have a few basic things in black, like skirts. Grey is my basic colour. It is not as dark and easy to wear with other colours. I love old-fashioned lingerie and always wear real stockings when I want to feel really pretty (stay-ups for daily use). Yes, I am really old-fashioned - one moment, I have to turn the record ... ;)

A few weeks ago DH took a day off with me and asked what I wanted to do? I wanted to visit Mondo Kaos, who sells new produced fifties styled clothes, because I needed a black pencil skirt with a length below the knees. I'm glad we visited the shop, because their sizes were really weird - I tried on everything from size small to XL, sigh, and I'm a normal size medium. The pencil skirt is a classic so it was a must have, and although I hardly ever wear black, I thought it should be black:
I chose this from Bettie Page Clothing, named Catwalk Skirt. It is so nice with the double pleats above each knee and the little row of buttons. And it is really tight! I have to suck in my tummy!

I was in the seventh, or rather the fiftieth, heaven in Mondo Kaos, because EVERYTHING was my style. And while I stood in the change room DH whispered that I could buy dresses for what equals to 530 dollars!!! After having jumped up and down from happiness and stopped kissing him, I started looking at all the dresses. There were many party and evening dresses, and if I cannot use it at a daily basis, then it is not a good investement. I fell for this grey dress that looks much better on me than on the model in this photo:

It is in fact not grey, but has grey and black micro-houndtooth check pattern, it is really nice. It is from Collectif and is named Simone Dress.

I only spend about 315 dollars as the kind and sensible wife I am! My other choice was this very nice summer dress, which was on sale:
It is also from Bettie Page Clothing and is named Rosanne Dress. I have three other dresses of the same style, but none with purple roses.

And not  very long ago I bought a nice skirt and blouse from Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'penny:

Now I only need a red belt to be a complete copy, hmm. I really needed a nice white blouse with short sleeves, since my old (possible from the fifties) blouse has almost given up.

And I've just bought this beautiful blue brocade dress from Trunk of Dresses, at Etsy:

And this lovely fifties woolen dress from Living Vintage Shop, at Etsy:

Both are bought after having studied the measurements, so I was really anxious to know if they fitted - they both did! And both as if they were made for me, so I am very happy. And the yellow checkered woolen dress is a winter dress, which I really need in my collection. The grey Simone Dress above is also a winter dress to me, I will wear it with a cardigan. And since I hadn't any yellow in my collection it opened up for new shopping possibilities, because I simply HAD to have matching pin and earrings for it:

And no, you will not see me in any of them, since I hate myself in photos. I stay behind the camera, you know.

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  1. I love 50's style too and I remember seeing that Collectif dress a while ago on their website, But that Esty dress is my absolute favourite!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Selina. The blue Etsy dress has already been used for two parties. :) Have a nice weekend.

  2. Oooohh, you wonderfully lucky lady, you! That sounds like my kind of dream shopping spree, too. How terrifically sweet and generous of your husband! (And in turn thoughtful of you to not hit the budget cap - I'm often that way, too, if Tony surprises me with some money to go shopping with.)

    Have oodles of fun with all of your gorgeous new pieces, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful day, and soon I will be wearing the white dress with the purple roses. :)


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