torsdag den 18. april 2013

Strange Vintage Things

I love to browse around and sometimes I find really strange things. I have collected them to show you, because they are really funny. And I promise you there is something for everybody and for all occassions. I have linked to all the lovely things, if you feel tempted to buy. I cannot guarantee that it has not been sold when this post is published.

Let's start in the kitchen, here is a fantastic salt and pepper set - a pair of cut feet, and even with red nails:

If you invest in the cut feet, you also have to have the matching candle holder:
And I can promise you - duck's feet made of wrought iron NEVER goes out of style.

And I'm sure a peanut mug with Jimmy Carter's broad smile and nice small feet also finds a place in the collection:

I have no idea what this naughty little thing is used for:
It is suggested you use it for drinking sake at fertility parties - which makes it a must have!

Well, who doesn't want new knobs for the kitchen drawers, here I suggest these four nice finger knobs:
If you're good with your fingers, ha ha!

Last thing for the kitchen, or the bathroom, is this very nice little embroidered towel with a naughty little lady:
Notice that her breasts are stuffed! It's all in the details.

For the living room I suggest these charming decorative things:

Who wouldn't be glad to have him in their sofa:
I don't know who he is, perhaps he is even famous.

And on the shelf, these green Moon Girls will look great:
I don't know them, but they look like a green summer edition of the vintage Christmas elves I have known since my childhood.

The perfect gift for mum is of course this incredible nice pincushion:
I don't know if the pincushion also is a kind of combined voodoo-doll with that strange animal you can stick your needles into.

If the walls of the living room need some decoration, this nice vintage add for waste baskets will be a great investment:
Yes, the waste baskets are nice, and yes she looks truly lovely, but it is the setup on the stairs, that makes it all look a bit strange.

Here is another great suggestion for your frame - a post card with a photo of a two headed deer:
I know what you are thinking now - that it cannot be more strange! But it can! :)

Just look at this - loose teeths:
I wonder if the Tooth Fairy has retired!? 

If she has, she has forgotten her toothpaste charms:
They are so nice I have considered making myself a bracelet with them.

The perfect gift for Father's Day cufflinks, to put photos into:
Brilliant idea I never have seen before and perfect if the man in your life is "father of four".

Of course I have saved the best for last - a lipstick applicator, direct from Hollywood:
You just apply lipstick to the bows of the applicator and then press it to your lips, making a perfect imprint.
Who on earth has ever thought this to be a brilliant idea!?!

I hope you found this as funny as I did collecting all the goodies for you. :)

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