søndag den 29. september 2013

Late Summer Nails

Yes, I know - autumn is almost over now, but here are my late summer manicures and also a few from the early autumn. I always collect mani photos to make a post with several different.

The first mani is quite nice, and it is just some super cheap (and rubbish) flower stickers from a Chinese shop on top of L'Oreal's Shocking Pink polish:
I don't think it is that shocking. The flower stickers broke the day after, but it looked nice at the party it was made for.

This is a quick mani I made for a girl friend - Ciaté's lovely duo chrome Spending Spree with dots of OPI's DS Extravangance:
I love that combination.

I went to the annual Opel GT car meeting in August and forgot my camera both day - yes, I am very proud of myself - so no photos, but here is my mani:
Some of the ladies in the club have found nail polish in the same colour as the car, so I had too. It is from Max Factor named Wine Red. I don't know if you can still buy it, since it is some years ago I bought it. On top of it I've made stribes of Sally Hansen's charcoal grey glitter polish, which I found in the USA.

And here is a super cheap magnetic polish, I have made stars in, which is hard to see - but the colour is nice:
To make the mani a little more interesting, I added blue glitter.

Here is a neon green discount polish. I think I should have used a white base, then it would have popped more, but I do like the colour as it is. It is stamped with my new PUEEN plates:
I love that they have so many different patterns. On top of it all a green glitter polish.

This colour from Sally Hansen Scarab was so beautiful it had to stand on its own. I only added some glitter from Sinful Colours Nail Junkie at my ring finger:
It is a blueish-green duo chrome polish, but I think you have to look hard to find the duo chrome effect. But anyway, it is a beauty.

Here is the only nude colour I own, and which I like - Deborah Lippmann Careless Whisper:
Also stamped with my new PUEEN plates and French tips. It looked very nice in real life, but I don't think it does in the photo. :( And now it is again hopeless to take decent nail polish photos, sigh!

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  1. Each of these manis is so fabulously cool! I especially love the one with the puzzle pieces. It reminds me that every day is a piece of the bigger picture that is life.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I also have a crush on puzzle pieces, so it is also one of my favourites. :)


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