torsdag den 12. september 2013

My Nail Polish Collection

I have shown you the lovely drawer DH gave me for my nail polish collection a few years ago, but I have never shown you the content of the drawers.

In the first drawer I have top and base coats, stamping plates and stamping tools, manicure tools, rhinestones, tape, pearls, stickers, and my beloved test plates:
They are simply brilliant, both for keeping my polishes in system and to get inspired by.

In the second drawer I have all my red and pink polishes - and various gift boxes with minis:
Red and pinks are those I have less of, perhaps because I have used them all my life, so now they are not that exciting any more.

In drawer number three I have (from left) a row of black, grey, and white. Then full rows of purple, blue, and green polishes:
All my polishes are nicely sorted in rows from colour shade. This way I can easily find the one I need.

In drawer number four I have lots of glitter polishes:
I ADORE glitter and really try not to buy more, but it is hard, because new combinations keep popping up that I NEED to have in my collection. At the upper left corner is my small collection of magnetical polishes and at the upper right corner is a glow-in-the-dark and two crack polishes from OPI.

I have just tidied up the bottom drawer, which a.o. contains a lot of art pens, which I have sorted out and given a lot of to my small girlfriends. If the colours are too close to each other, some of them have to go. And I don't use them that often. Normally, I just use a thin brush and ordinary polish. Here is also a small stock of top coats, quick drying drops, thinner, and empty bottles (which is always nice to have, since you never know when you come up with a brilliant idea for a Franken):

So as you see it is almost filled up. I have approximately 200 different colours, so I have made a rule that I may only buy colours that does not look like any others I already own, and it is quite difficult.

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