torsdag den 26. september 2013

New Shoes

But doesn't she buy shoes anymore? Oh yes, I do, but I have really tried to behave since I bought 12 pairs of shoes a few years ago! I don't exactly have a rule like "one pair in, one pair out" but later the same year I sorted out 12 pairs. This year I have sorted out 15 pairs and haven't bought any new pairs until now! We attended the annual Opel GT club meeting (no photos because I forgot my camera both day, yes, I am very proud of myself!), where we went to the City of Roskilde and went for a walk in the main street. There was an outlet shop I had to visit. First I found these lovely flip-flops:
They stood there on the shelf and glittered in the most insinuating way. They are so nice and great for garden parties and other places where high heels are not the best choice.

I also found these pink flats with black rhinestone hearts at the toes:
They were reduced from approx. 215 dollars to 54 dollars, so I simply had to add them to my small collection of flats.

Further down the street there was a Bianco shop with a rack with shoes reduced by 70%, so I had to try these on:

I thought they were a bit too high for my broken ankle, but they only cost approx. 21 dollars, so I bought them anyway - look at those golden toes:
They are fabulous!

Well, DH found a pair of boots which he thought was so nice, but I could not press my instep into the right one, very strange. But the nice saleswoman called a shop in my neighbouring city and had a pair put aside for me. I went there a few days after and they fit:
Look how nice they are with golden zipper and gold on the heel.

But this shop had made a wall with shoes for 17 dollars! It is plain mean, if you ask me! I simply had to take a closer look and found these black slingbacks with cut out holes:
Black shoes are an evergreen, and these are a little more exciting due to the cut holes and the golden strap.

Many years ago I had a pair of pastel green high heels and I have missed them ever since, so when I found this mint green pair, I was not in doubt:
They only had size 6.5, but with a sole in they fit. I have already planned lots of outfits with them. :)

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