torsdag den 21. november 2013

A Few Autumn Nails

Here are just a few autumn nails. Either I've forgotten to take photos or I didn't think it was worth showing, but here we go:

Here is a mani made with my fantastisk striping tape, which DH got for me from the car painter at his job. The broad tape was great cutting in with my funny scissors, even the cheap one worked well. It was a dream working with, it sat perfectly on the nails and didn't break when I took it off.
The golden polish is a mini from a no-name brand I bought at the local supermarket (containing gold, silver and bronze). The duo chrome dark brown is from Model's Own's Beetle Juice collektion and is named Pinky Brown.

I love my duo chrome polishes from Models Own during autumn. Here it is Golden Green with dots and an accent nail of the above mentioned dark brown polish:
Yes, I did this manicure last year too, but if you think it's nice then why not do it again. Here I have improved it a bit with the accent nail, so I could enjoy the beautiful duo chrome dark brown polish.

After I spotted Sally Hansen's Amber Ruby at Eva's blog Coewless, I simply HAD to own it, because it was simply so beautiful:
I could only find it in the US and of course I was unlucky that it was stopped in customs. Normally, the small padded envelopes never get caught in customs, so it became quite expensive, but it is worth it. Since it was close to Halloween, I made an autumn/Halloween combination with one black accent nail with spiders. I have also painted one layer of black polish as base (over my base coat of course), like Eva did. I have read before that a black base makes the duo chrome polishes really pop, and it truly did. But it is difficult to paint it nicely. Remember that a white base makes the neon polishes pop too.

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  1. Gorgeous nails! I really love the one with the spiders on the ring finger nail (and I say that as someone who has arachnophobia...or at least tarantula phobia). Next year I must do fancy Halloween nails myself. It's been far too many years since I last did any.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Please don't worry for a moment. Being between computers at the moment, I'm fairly behind on following blogs myself these days. Can't wait until the new laptop arrives and I get back on track better there.

    *PSS* The fine folks at V&Oak have assured me that they'll happily ship anywhere in the world, so you can definitely enter the giveaway, my sweet friend.

    1. You should try the stamping technic - it is so easy a child can do it, and it looks fabulous. :)


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