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Favourite Indie Polish Brands

I have never written about indie polishes before, perhaps because I think so many others do this much better. But I do own some indie polishes, all from Etsy, but I have also had a break from them, since it is almost solely glitter polishes. And although I adore glitter polishes, it became too much for me. But now I want to share my five favourite indie polish brands with you all.

Let's start with The Hungry Asian, the name alone made me wanting to buy! :) Here is her spring collection, which is still available (as all the other polishes I show today are). She makes polishes different from most other indie brands, and although her polishes do contain glitter, they are not specifically glitter polishes. She also carries minis, which I think is brilliant since they don't take up much space in my drawers and since I never use a polish completely. Her minis are the sweetest little heart shaped bottles with a big rhinestone at the top of the lid. They decorate my polish drawer, only negative thing is the very little and really annoying brush.

Here is Kiwi Smoothie:

Which I fell completely in love with and simply HAD to buy a bigger bottle of short after my first order. Look at it on the nails here:

Here is Li'Laquer, lovely jelly purple:

Here is Tickled Pink, nice pink with pale blue glitter:

And since grey is my basic wardrobe colour, I simply had to buy Zera, a jelly grey with just a bit green shimmer in:

And right now I'm in love with Brrr! Such a nice jelly-blue with red and white glitter in. It will look fabulous on my winter pale hands:

And look at the cute little snowman on the bottle - must have:

Next brand in my presentation is Pretty & Polished, who makes the most beautiful glitter polishes - ever! Just look at this fabulous jelly-blue beauty:
Named Heart of the Ocean, after the necklace in the movie Titanic.

It is SO beautiful and two layers are enough:

She also makes my favourite green polishes, first Labour of Love, which is a very dark green polish with holo-shimmer in:

And Martian Salad, which is simply beautiful, the perfect green:

Next in line is Piper Polish, who besides making beautiful glitter polishes, also makes lovely holo polishes. I found her when I searched for Spectraflair, the fantastic holo-top coat that makes all your ordinary polishes look fabulous:

I also bought a flake polish Pink & Yellow Basket:

And right now I am so in love with this lovely autumn colour - Wine Down, duo chrome in the best possible way:

Starrily makes my favourite glitter polishes! I have just invested in her "breast cancer awareness" polish:
Sheer pink with lots of glitter in different sizes and lots of shimmer, it's the best.

And she also carries minis, which I've just bought four of:
Unicorn Landia - a wonderful duo chrome top coat that shifts between pink and green:

Diamond Dusted - that reminds me so much of snow that I've already planned several winter manicures with it:

Halloween Night - if I shouldn't own a Halloween polish, who should!? ;) Lovely orange and black glitter in a clear base:

And since I had to choose four (because you have to!), I also bought a Christmas polish - Christmas Lights:
Yes, I know - it looks so much like Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, but I love it.

Last but not least, Lacquistry, who also makes lovely glitter polishes. In fact, I bought my very first indie polishes at her shop, which she unfortunately doesn't carry anymore, but these two are fabulous:
Shaved Ice - the name says it all.

Squared to Death, another fabulous Halloween polish:

All listed brands ship worldwide, and if you ask politely you often get a discount code if you buy several.
If you know other great indie brands, please share. :)

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  1. These polishes are so, so lovely! I scrolled through them three times because I had a tricky time settling on a single favourite. Goodness, it's a close call, but I think Brrr, might be the winner for me. They're all stellar though - I'd happily wear any of them.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have a hard time choosing too, therefore I have a drawer filled with about 200 polishes. :)


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