torsdag den 28. november 2013

My Christmas Coffee Set

Long time ago my brother's x-wife and me went to flea markets together, and once we visited one nearby her home I saw a nice cup with holly leaves on, and regretted I didn't buy it. I asked her if she could look for it the coming Sunday, because then it should be my special Christmas cup. I love Christmas, you know. She did, but unfortunately it was sold. Never regret what you didn't buy on flea markets. Well, about two months passed by and it became my birthday (26 November, in fact) and guess what she gave me:

Yep, a complete set for no less than 18 persons, which she had collected secretly during the months since I mentioned the cup I regretted not having bought. It was my best gift that year, and around 1 November I look forward to unpacking it, so I can enjoy it for two months and not only in December. And every year I think of my dear x-SiL.

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