torsdag den 19. december 2013

Christmas Fashion

What should you wear for Christmas? I like something red or green, and if you search for Christmas Sweater/Cardigan, then you surely get a lot of seriously ugly ones to choose from. But I was lucky to find this red one with hollies embroidered on (on Etsy):
Thick and warm. It will be nice to wear when reading in my sofa during December.

Just for fun I kept surfing on Etsy and found this lovely home made poinsettia circle skirt:
And no, I am not going to use the holly cardigan above with it, because I think it will be just a little too much. I think a thinly knitted simple green blouse will be a lovely match.

Well, I adore petticoats, so I simply had to invest in this red one:
It is also from Etsy (Dodo Trading), only cost about 25 dollars and is shipped from the UK, so no problems with Danish customs and VAT.

Yep, I am crazy, but why does it always have to be so boring?! ;)

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