torsdag den 12. december 2013

Christmas Music

In 2009 I was a Christmas DJ, yes, it is already that long ago. I played nostagic, modern and Danish Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas music! Especially the oldies song by the American crooners. I have a large collection of Christmas music, both on CD and vinyl, because Christmas music is the only music I hear in December. But why is there never made any new Christmas music? I found out last year when I read an article in a newspaper about it that said it was "artistic suicide" to write a Christmas song! Well, I simply don't understand that, because I really don't think that Bing Crosby ever regretted White Christmas, which became the most sold single in the world:
Of course I have it in my vinyl collection, both as a single and as an LP

And I can quickly mention other great stars, who didn't ruin their career by singing a Christmas song. E.g. The King, Elvis. He could even do it wearing black leather:

And Madonna was almost as mawkish as Mrs. Kitt was:

Even Bon Jovi has made a rocking Christmas song:
I have the LP which is shown is in the video.

Bryan Adams has made a rocking tribute to Rudolph:

And The Boss has also joined the Christmas chorus without ruining his career:

So what are you waiting for out there? Write us a new Christmas hit, so we all get something new to listen to and you get a fixed income every December for many years to come. :)

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  1. Sounds like writer of that piece was a bit of Christmas Scrooge, if you ask me! Granted, not too many new Christmas songs become timeless classics in the way that those from the mid-twentieth do, but that doesn't mean that fans of those artists and groups don't enjoy their holiday offerings. Case in point, my mom's all-time favourite Christmas song isn't one of the beloved standards we all know, but instead a song called Gold and Green from the country music duo Sugarland.

    Have a marvelous countdown to the 25th, dear Sanne!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I don't know why it is so modern to be Christmas hater either. I have to YouTube Sugarland, thanks for the tip. :)


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