mandag den 4. august 2014

Monroe Monday

Marilyn Monroe

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  1. Gorgeous!!! That shade of red is so warm and beautiful - in fact, it even reminds me of the very colour of the background of your blog here, sweet Sanne. It also ties into, if one lived in a hot climate, my Christmas in July post a few days. I really enjoyed reading your comment on it and learning that we're both huge fans of decorating for all kinds of holidays and seasons. I have some white floating shelves in my little living room and rare is the week (let alone whole month or more) that they aren't filled with cute little decorations for some special even or another. The room feels practically naked to me if they're empty! :)

    Big hugs & tons of happy August wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. A bikini with a Christmassy feel! How funny - and I had the same thought. I think we are sisters at heart, dear. Do show more of your season decorations and your lovely shelves. I also have a shelf dedicated to decorations - how can you live without such one?! ;)


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