torsdag den 14. august 2014

Son's Car

Happiness is having a mechanic dad - son has already got his second car. Perhaps you remember he got a white VW Polo when he got 18. It was later exchanged to another old Polo which is in better condition and have a better engine. It is now renovated with help from his skilled dad and parts from (Danish eBay), you aren't rich when you are an apprentice. The result is really good and had to be celebrated with a photo session, where I got the honour of being the photographer. When we got home, son's good friend, Thore, who is a talented graphic artist, edited all the photos. Here are the results:

We drove to Refshaleoen at the Isle of Amager, where there were some lovely old and decayed buildings, perfect background:
VW Polo

Son has painted the brake drums bold green as a contrast to all the black:
VW Polo

We sneaked into the great hall of B&W (the one where the huge International Song Contest just has been held) and took some photos:
VW Polo

When we were almost done, we by incident found this great graffiti wall and had to shoot a few more photos:
VW Polo

I think we were quite good at finding different backgrounds for our photos:
VW Polo

This is one of my favourite photos. I lured son to climb up on the old tree stem and look down at his car:
VW Polo

Son's favourite photos, shot in the hall of B&W, hand held camera and no flash:
VW Polo

I also lured son to take a few photos with him and his car. I suppose this one is quite good, since it ended as his Facebook profile photo:
VW Polo

And here is the proud owner:
VW Polo

When we were done I demanded an ice cream as my humble wage, since it was damn hot crawling on the asphalt in the burning sun. But it was a very cosy day with the boys, which I will remember for long.

2 kommentarer:

  1. How fun!!! Great photos of your son's new ride. That's (getting a new car) such a rare, important event for most folks, it really is worth devoting a photo shoot to. I hope he and his new ride enjoy many great years together! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. He is a lucky boy, and the great thing is that he knows it, he is very grateful and loves his old car. :)


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