torsdag den 28. august 2014

New Vintage Dresses

If you are a fifties nerd it is literally not very often you get new clothes. But I have been lucky to add some new things to my wardrobe lately.

A nice red fitted dress from the early sixties, found at a flea market:
Vintage sixties dress
It is a little too big, but if I cannot take it in I will sell in in my shop.

Another nice dress from the early sixties which I also found at a flea market:
Vintage sixties dress

Look at the lovely brooch-like detail at the collar, so nice:
Vintage sixties dress

I have been lucky to find some nice things at Brittany's shop Vintage Under Thirty. I know I will love this stribed dress in the coming winter, and I have several nice grey cardigans that will be perfect over it:
Vintage dress

I got this lovely fifties dress for a song at the same shop:
Vintage fifties dress
A little work had to be done on it. I sewed a new zipper in the side and let the hem down, but that's it.

A very nice basic skirt in a lovely dark green (the photos shows a wrong colour), that I also know I will love in the coming winter:
Vintage fifties skirt

A dress from the early sixties with some spots I had to work on to get off:
Vintage sixties dress

I've bought two lovely fifties dresses from The Vintage Studio:
Vintage fifties dress
The silhuet from the fifties is in general either fitted, like this one (in wool so I have to wear a slip under it) or with a generous skirt, which you can wear a petticoat under. I like having a mix of both types in my wardrobe, so it doesn't become too stereotype.

I have long wanted more winter dresses, so this check patterned beauty was quickly clicked into the basket:
Vintage fifties dress

I have done the math - in Denmark you can only use summer clothes for three months, if we are lucky. So I don't need more summer clothes.

If you want to see me wearing the dresses, you have to follow me at Instagram, because there the photos are so small that you cannot see how old and unphotogenic I am.

And I've bought this simple but lovely Halloween cardigan, which I think is from the eighties:
Vintage Halloween cardigan
It is the best I've ever seen, so now I only need a nice Christmas cardigan.

And this has nothing to do with clothes, but I could not pass by these lovely old curlers:
Vintage curlers
The are both nice, decorative and usable - what's more to wish for? ;)

The gold decorated box in closed condition:
Vintage curlers

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  1. Super love the pumpkin cardigan!!! I bought a 80s/90s Halloween cardi of my own a couple years back and can't wait to bust it out again this October. Halloween is my favourite holiday (and second fave day of the year, trumped only by my/our wedding anniversary, which just - and this isn't actually a coincidence - happens to be in October, too) and I start dressing in the spirit of it frequently from the start of the month onward.

    There are some seriously fantastic pieces here, my dear friend! Wow!!! Congrats on each and every one of these timeless beauties. I hope you have a fabulously fun autumn styling and enjoying them.

    Tons of hugs & happy start of September wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, dear. I feel very lucky to have found lovely dresses in both my size and reasonably priced. :)


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