torsdag den 9. oktober 2014

Hello Autumn

Goodbye summer. Although it was really good, it is never long enough.Well, hello to autumn. One of my favourite seasons. It is incredible beautiful, and I can decorate, which I love! Last year I showed you my little collection of autumn decorations. It has been extended a bit since.

Wooden candle sticks with Edelweiss flowers, bought in Austria during our summer vacation:
Autumn 2014

Small pine trees made of cortex, bought at the same shop as the candle sticks:
Autumn 2014

This year I have bought a lot of ornamental gourds for both inside and outside use:
Autumn 2014

Another carved wood candle stick bought in Austria:
Autumn 2014
DH could not resist his funny face. The pillow cases with autumn leaves are bought at Ellos a few years ago.

I have also bought a vine of artificial autumn leaves in Austria:
Autumn 2014
Here I have twisted it around the cord of my lamp.

And I have crocheted acorns:
Autumn 2014
So nice and cozy. I will make some golden ones for December gifts.

And this lovely autumn table cloth is also bought in Austria during our summer vacation:
Autumn 2014

DH could not resist this nice rusty basket which now decorates our lovely new main stairs:
Autumn 2014
It is really great because I can decorate it differently all year round.

And a few days ago we got a huge pile of firewood:
Autumn 2014
Which our dear son helped stacking, so now we are ready for both autumn and winter.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fabulously festive fall decor!!! I especially love the knit acorns. Much like squirrels, I've always had a passion for acorns. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am in love with acorns too. Have several acorn charm bracelets, pins and earrings, so when I saw the pattern for these easy darlings, I had to make them. :)


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