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Repro/Vintage Clothes in Denmark and EU

If you, like me, love vintage style, I suppose you also have thought why all the great things always are found in the US. And if you decide to buy from the US (and live in EU, like me) you have to be prepared to pay a lot in VAT and tax and other naughtinesses. Not very attractive.

But then I thought again, and now I've collected a long list of links to websites (and some of them even have a physical shop) in Denmark and EU, so you can buy without being afraid of your shopping ending up being very expensive. This is meant as a list you can bookmark and return to if you need something special. I will update it now and then, if I found something new. Here we go:

Reproduction Clothes:

Mondo Kaos
DK, they also have a shop in Copenhagen

DK, they also have a shop in Copenhagen

DK, no website, they only have physical shops, two in Copenhagen

Rockabilly Style
DK, dresses, accessories, things, repro clothes for men and children

DK, many full dresses, but also repro clothes for men and children

DK, besides fifties repro dresses, they also carry lots of modern clothes and even cosmetics

DK, have a section with fifties dresses

DK, have a section with fifties dresses

Vintage Delux
DK, carry a lot of repro clothes from many different eras, and also repro clothes for men and children

I want a  green petticoat from Vintage Delux.

Daisy Dapper
SE, besides her own brand, she also carries other repro brands, and she has a shop in Stockholm

I want the Joan Dress from Daisy Dapper

NO, all kinds of repro clothes, nice era sections

UK, nice dresses, skirts and cardigans, but also jewellery and swimsuits

Voodoo Vixen
UK, mostly dresses and skirts

Hell Bunny
US brand, but the link is British. I could not find their official site.

Bettie Page
US brand, but the link is British.

Dolly Dagger
UK, they also have shoes and accessories

Freddies of Pinewood
UK, vintage style troussers for men and women

UK, they are famous for their forties style troussers, but they also carry nice dresses.

Vivien of Holloway
UK, impressive selection and nice era sections

I dream about this plaid circle skirt from Vivien of Holloway,
and the green petticoat would match perfectly.

Top Vintage
NL, carries a bit of everything within vintage repro style

Vintage Twists
UK, carries a bit of everything within vintage repro style

UK, they also have shoes and accessories

Lady K Loves
UK, dresses, skirts, troussers, accessories, and jewellery

Puttin' On the Ritz
UK, repro clothing in 30's and 40's style

Revival Retro
UK, repro clothing in 20's, 30's and 40's style

Tara Starlet
UK, 40's and 50's style dresses, skirts, and troussers

20th Centry Foxy
UK, is the British reseller of Stop Staring dresses

Ooh, how I would dance with happiness if I
got this beautiful dress from 20th Centry Foxy

Stop Traffic Clothing
UK, dresses, skirts, and tops in Rockabilly style

Glamour Bunny
UK, mostly wiggle dresses

Dy Style
UK, Rockabilly style, not quite my style, but you can find some gems

UK, lots of lovely dresses with great type-sections, I love the Audrey dresses

Rock Frocks
UK, they also carry shoes, bags, and petticoats. Very nice fifties style.

SE, will soon carry the lovely US brand Trashy Diva. They also have a huge (300+ sqm) store in Stockholm, complete with hairdressers and a coffee shop. And there is a smaller Sivletto shop in Enviken, Sweden.

Lady Vintage, London
UK, full dresses and petticoats

Miss Candy Floss
UK, dresses, skirts, jackets, and troussers

Vintage Clothes:

Vintage Divine (DK, Aarhus)
DK, they have a shop in the City of Aarhus

DK, expensive vintage clothes

Etsy and eBay
You can find several EU shops at Etsy and eBay, so look out.

Repro Lingerie and Shoes:

DK, repro lingerie

What Katie Did
UK, very lovely, but also very expensive repro lingerie. They also carry Miss L Fire shoes.

Foot Fetish Socks, Etsy
Lovely knitted winter stockings for garterbelt. Fantastic if you wear dresses during winter.

Miss L Fire
UK, lovely and quite expensive repro shoes
Is also found at Zalando and Spartoo, both with free shipping/return in Denmark.

My next investment, Alpine from Miss L Fire

Swedish Hashbeens
SE, retro wooden shoes

Quite a list. If you have a great vintage/repro link in DK/EU, don't hesitate dropping me a comment and I'll update the list. Since I haven't bought from all of the above the links (yet!) I cannot guarantee anything.

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  1. Sensational list, dear Sanne!!! I've been super eagerly looking forward to this ever since you shared the idea with me. You knocked it out of the ballpark with this extensive, handy roundup. Thank you very much for putting it together. I'm going to share it in my next edition of Vintage Link Love so that even more folks can get word of it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, thank you SO much, dear. I'm feeling very honoured that you will share it in your Vintage Link Love, which is one of my many favourite posts from you. I collected and collected so it got a bit longer than I thought at first. Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  2. Thank you for including Sivletto!
    Sivletto is actually Swedish. Besides the mailorder we have a huge (300+ square meters) store in Stockholm, complete with hairdressers and a coffee shop. There is also a somewhat smaller Sivletto shop in Enviken Sweden, mostly with focus on vintage clothes and stuff.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Richard. I will update my list a.s.a.p. Wishing you a nice day. :)


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