torsdag den 23. oktober 2014


About four years ago I gave myself a challenge - I would learn to knit. I have never been able to knit, my family is/was not a needlework family. But my mother and sister in law is. They created one more lovely thing after the other for their wardrobe. So my sister in law became my knitting coach, and I'm a nice student. Here are what I've made since last spring:

A spring green cardigan with very nice daisy buttons:
Sannes cardigan 2014
It is the very first time I've knitted in pattern, so I am VERY proud!

Look at the nice buttons:
Sannes cardigan 2014
I don't know why the colour is so strange in the photo, the first photo shows the correct colour.

After finishing the green cardigan, I knitted this easy grey mohair blouse:
Sannes cardigan 2014
It is knitted of two yars, a medium grey mohair (very fluffy) and a grey flax with silver, which gave just a bit of silver glitter in the fluffyness without looking like a disco queen. I love it.

And I've just finished this raspberry pink crocheted cardigan:
Sannes cardigan 2014
Which was quite boring to make, since it was the same stiches all the time. But it is very nice and it fits me perfectly. I look forward to wearing it next summer, where I'm going to abuse it.

And in between, I've crocheted acorns like a mad:
Autumn 2014
I've also made a lot in gold which will be nice hostess gifts during December.

Knitting and crocheting is also the best anti-stress drug I've found, and as an extra bonus I create usable things for my wardrobe and as gifts.

PS: Did you notice the dress form? Dear Husband has given it to me, and I LOVE it! :)

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  1. You have a genuine natural talent for knitting, dear Sanne. These cardigans/sweaters are all magnificent and look like the work of someone who has been knitting for decades. Fabulous job on all of them!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh thank you, dear. I know the errors on each of them, but as long as it is only me who can see them, they are acceptable. And I'm still learning, these are the easy models. Some runs a marathon, I wanted to learn knitting. :)


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