torsdag den 1. august 2013

ALT for Damerne, August 1955

I've scanned a lot of articles for you from ALT for Damernes (ALL for the Ladies ), August number 31 from 1955. There's a lot of reading, unfortunately in Danish, but I hope my foreign readers might enjoy the pictures and get inspired. Remember that all pictures can be clicked into larger format to read.

Lovely cover as always:
The blouse reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

Here is a long article about Poul Henningensen's (designer of a.o. the world famous PH lamps) home - Let the Colours Tell:

Princess Margaret is having fun and we think there is a romance with her bodyguard, the pilot:
I cannot help thinking of the movie "Roman Holiday"?

And fashion, we don't want to live without it, do we? Here are som rare jeans:

And here they are, nice and practical and usable in the coming autumn:

And we knit fashion ourselves, here is a nice summer blouse:

And here is the pattern (in Danish):

Indoor decoration, we need comfy chairs for Television or Tea:
It was before it was just called TV.

Since I love vintage cars I could not resist scanning this sweet and charming story about an old car:

And lastly, some ads before we end this round of All for the Ladies. Here is our world famous (at least in Denmark) "Little Per" who starred in a lot of Danish children movies:

Better than mum's - supposedly the biggest compliment a homemaker could ever get:
He didn't know she was so good! Hmm!

Chew Dandy, it slims - I don't know about that, but I do love the dress or is it a very glamorous slip:

Egg shampoo in portions - this smart way the producer made the customers use more shampoo:

4 kommentarer:

  1. The first sleeveless blouse is very popular again here this year. I think I have tried it on in different colors 10 times in the last two weeks! Great for summer but with of 86 pounds lost, looking for form fitting this year (but NOT knits) even tho that one is cute, too. :)) Flaurella, who will email soon...

    1. 86 pounds!!!! Wow, amazing! You need some new clothes, that's for sure. Looking forward to your mail, dear. :)

  2. There is some really delightful styling inspiration here. For example, I'm intrigued by the gal in the slacks who's wearing her necklace draped down her back, instead down her chest. I've seen that a few other times over the years in vintage ensembles (spanning the 20s to the 60s), but haven't given it a spin myself yet. Perhaps if I find a good pair of 1950s slacks one day, I'll do just that. :) I always adore seeing your scans - thank you very much for another awesome selection!

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I did too in the mid-eighties, but haven't done it for many years, perhaps I should do it agang. And you're welcome. :)


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