torsdag den 15. august 2013

Cottage Feeling

Well, our second vacation week was spent in my nice old cottage at the Isle of Moen, Ulfshale:

It is the greatest gift of my life, you can read about it here if you want to.

My cottage is from 1956 and has been my grandparents. Right beside it is my sister's house, which has been our parents', so we have a garden gate between our gardens, since we have been used to visit each other since we were children:

I have kept much of the fifties style, surprise, I know. ;) This is the kitchen:
The photo is dark, because we were so blessed with sunshine all week and my small camera is not that advanced when taking photos in backlight. I didn't want to bring my big reflex camera with me.

This is a glass with salt and my beloved granny's handwriting, I miss her every day:

The brush pot is practical and matches the colour of the tiles:

I remember this pair since I was very little, now there's hardly any paint left:
But they still love each other.

And tea and coffee pots and a tiny candlestick made og old copper coins, I love such things:

I have bought this sixties coffee set on a flea market, since my granny had 117 different cups without saucers, and this suited the style of the house so good and cost almost nothing. I also love that for once it is not roses but carnations that decorates the cups:

I knitted a lot:

My granny loved Maja, the Spanish scent, and always had Maja soaps, a tradition I have continued:
When I was about five years old I chose the tiles in the background, that's the tale today. They were chosen because they were so "nice and light". Yes I know, time changes, but it was a great luxury to have a bathroom in a cottage in 1972. Before that we had a shared loo standing in the middle of the two gardens, which my dad dig into the garden when it was full. We didn't have running water or electricity either.

Well, let's go outside:
This was my grandpa's vegetable bed, now it is a cosy patio where we eat and relax in the shadow. My dream is that one day my skilled gardener son re-lays it all with red flags.

Sister has made café latte:
We add a little Kahlua, then it tastes like dessert.

Summery Danish lunch served on my lovely plates from the fifties:
I only have four in four different colours and would love to have more, but I never find them at flea markets, so if you have some and want to sell them, please let me know.

We eat together and take turns to prepare all meals, here sister has made us Italian dinner with "curry cake", super delicious:

Sister's terrace where I cadged some internet and relaxed with my iPad:

We also worked a bit, here DH is renovating the kitchen window:

At the country there are small booths everywhere selling different things like fruit and vegetables, and books (50 pence each) and free magazines:

And even ladybugs and angels!:

They were simply too cute! I will put a pair on my parents advent calendar, sister got a pair and the rest goes on my Christmas tree. Believe me, Christmas will be here before you know it. ;)

I hope you've all had a lovely summer holiday, because I did. :)

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  1. Charming! So much more cozy than Orlando where I am headed this morning. hugs, Flaurella

    1. I hope you'll have a wonderful time too, dear. :) Enjoy and relax.

  2. Your lunch looks so delicious! I love open-faced sandwiches like that. Such a pretty 1950s plate to serve it on as well. It was a joy to be given this beautiful tour of your family cabin, dear Sanne. From the tiles you picked to the label with your grandma's writing on it, everything sings with history and happiness.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You're welcome, Jessica. I love the feeling in my Little house very much. :)


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