torsdag den 29. august 2013

Petticoat Parade

I love fifties style and love skirts with fullness and petticoats under. A few years ago I bought a lovely big petticoat from Doris Design, but it wasn't good under my dresses. It was too big and too short, but it sold immediately in my Etsy butik. :)

Now I again have a fine little collection of petticoats, suitable for all my dresses and every occasion - even for work! Yes, I've become brave and use them at work. I suppose they all think I'm a crazy old lady anyway, so what the hell. ;) Let me present my small collection, sorted from how much fullness they give.

Here is the first one that gives the least fullness:
I bought it at a flea market for about 1.5 dollars, the lady selling it had sewn it herself. It gives almost no fullness, so it is mostly used for fun, but it is great layering over another skirt.

The second is from the fifties and found at Etsy, it gives a little more fullness due to the soft frills:
It is also good layering over for example the third skirt below.

The third skirt is my absolute favourite, because it becomes ALL my dresses and is super comfy to wear although it is a bit stiff. It gives perfect fullness, it just holds the dress out a bit, and is not huge like dancing skirts. It is also from the fifties and found at Etsy:
I have shortened it a bit at the waist.

The fourth is almost like a dancing skirt, but it still looks lovely under my dresses when I'm in the mood for more fullness:
I found it at DodoTrading (Etsy), a British shop. And only cost about 25 dollars! It is super nice, a little stiff, but has an inner-skirt which makes it comfortable and doesn't ruin your stockings. I highly recommend it. They carry it in several different colours. I chose Ivory since I thought it was a good all round colour. I'm not that fond of coloured petticoats.

But petticoats also takes up space when they're just hanging on a hanger. So when DH renovated our office, where our closet is, he took care I had a space for them. Here they hang perfectly besides my ironing board and makes me happy every time I open the closet door:

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  1. What a splendidly lovely collection! It's amazing that you found that one for just a $1.50! Wow!!! I love the pink one the most (pink being my favourite colour), but am pretty much equally smitten with your whole wonderful array of petticoats. I have a collection myself, too. Some of them are new, other are vintage, and all get worn peridically throughout the year. Especially, I find during the winter and spring, when their bulk helps add a much needed layer of warmth to my outfits. Tights, plus a pettiskirt and my beloved black 50s quilted circle skirt (with a shirt and coat, too, of course) is the warmest vintage (non-pants) outfit I've come up with yet. Total winter uniform of mine! :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection with us, lovely Sanne, as well as for both of your wonderfully nice blog comments. I do completely believe that you read every word of my posts, and I wholeheartedly appreciate it.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I'm glad to know another fan of the fifties. Here in Denmark I'm much alone.


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