torsdag den 22. august 2013

Summer Nails

Here are the nails I have remembered to take photos of during the summer.

I love Pinterest and saw this pink french manicure, which I had to copy:
Both polishes are old, but I'm sure it is possible to find some alike them. The baby pink is from Misa and the neon pink is from Depend.

Blue holographic kisses:
The light blue holo polish is from Makeup Store named Siw, and the blue kisses are a Chinese stamping polish.

Here I have made some nails with ordinary tape:
The red one is OPI's The Spy Who Loved Me, the  orange is a cheap La Femme and the green one is from my US trip. I was going insane by how ordinary tape broke every time I tried to remove it. I resqued this mani using tweezers a lot of patience.

This mani is made with Essie Navigate Her (one of my favourite greens) and an antique L'Oreal named Algae, great name, because that's really what it looks like. At my ring finger I have OPI's green glitter from the Muppet collection:
And the tape is professional striping tape which DH had got from the car painter at his work. I think he was tired of all my cursing over how awful and annoying ordinary tape is. It is a dream to work with! So if you know a car painter, do bake him a cake and ask for some. ;)

This lovely swimming pool coloured polish is a gift from my dear colleague. I had admired the colour on her nails:
I have stamped with my lovely new Pueen plates. They are really great (more about them later), but unfortunately my top coat has dragged the stamps a lot, super annoying, but I was too tired and lazy to remake them.

And here is my very summery vacation nails - strawberry and ladybug theme:
Both polishes are again very old, the pearly white is an antique Gosh and the red one is an OPI mini.

When visiting Germany I bought the famous glitter base coat from Essence, which you can peel off. Here I have tested it under IsaDora Ocean Crush, which is a texture polish looking very beautiful in the bottle:

Texture polishes are not my cup of tea, but I had to buy this one. In fact, I could have bought them all, but I'm glad I didn't, because I still don't like it. I really want to paint 7 to 8 layers of top coat over it to smoothen it out and make it shine. Yes, I know - I am old fashioned.

This is the third day of wear, so it will never last a week with the glitter base coat, like my manis always do. It was very difficult to peel it off later that day. The glitter base smelled exactly like PVA glue (see the PVA trick here), this was just thinner and much more difficult to peel off, so I will not recommend it. Steal some PVA glue from your husband instead. ;)

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  1. Sweet Sanne, you are one of my favourite nail artists around. I wish we lived nearby and you could perhaps do a fabulous mani like this on my nails. My hands (whole body) sometimes shake, which isn't a great match for nail art, so when I do paint my digits, it's usually just a solid colour or sparkle over solid (with lots of cleanup, lol!).

    I want to say thank you deeply for your tremendously lovely blog comment on my red and white outfit post. I write with all my heart and soul, as though I were penning a book, a poem, a love letter - anything else that is typically written with great passion - when I blog, and it means a great deal to me to know that you picked up on this in my writing.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica. I would never consider myself a nail artist, because everything I do is not freehand. I use tape and stamps and dotting tools, only the french lines are freehand. And if we were neighbours I would do your nails every week. I'm so lucky that my hands never shake, which I suppose is rare, because everybody notices. But I also love a nice base colour with glitter over, and have used it a lot the past weeks.

  2. Love all your nail art, Sanne! I sometimes do an Essie "Go For the Gold" French tip over whatever color I have on my nails. I use those little French mani tip things to keep the line straight but could never do it free hand! I love the blue kisses! Flaurella

    1. Thank you, Flaurella. I'm glad you liked them. Tape is a good trick for easy nail art. :)


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